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 Will's Mod Application

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PostSubject: Will's Mod Application   Will's Mod Application EmptyThu Aug 04, 2011 10:17 pm

Before I start, let me tell you a little bit about myself.

-My name in real life is Will.
-I am going to be a Sophomore in High School.

-At the moment I am currently 15.

-I am mature and I give mature feedback in each one of my replies and posts.

-I show dedication to this site.

-I am willing to dedicate as much time as needed and do anything to help the growth of the site.

-I go by Central Time USA. This summer I will be able to get on EACH DAY from 8AM-12PM and usually past that. Whenever I play Xbox have my computer next to me so whenever I have spare time I will help as much as possible NOT for the increase in post count but for the experience and to be able to give my feedback and opinions on each post I reply to. Starting August 9th I go back into school and my time will change to 5pm-10pm. *both times are central time, USA* Some days the times will differentiate but for the most part those times are quite accurate.

-I use Mozilla Firefox and Windows 7.

-I understand the power and responsibility that comes with moderating. I will not become "power hungry" and I will be as fair as possible with each one of my replies.

Thanks, Will.

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PostSubject: Re: Will's Mod Application   Will's Mod Application EmptySun Aug 07, 2011 9:13 am

Look's good, you seem to be after a job more like Forum moderator though?

Good luck.
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Will's Mod Application
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