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 Hunter35502 Admin App.

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PostSubject: Hunter35502 Admin App.   Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:28 pm

First of all for some of you who don't know me, im Hunter or Hunter35502 And this is myAdmin Application, i promise to keep it as short as possible sorry if its too long.

1. User name: User name is Hunter35502

2. How Will You Help out: Ok, the way i help out Player is by giving them every opportunity to get all their skills to 99, fix any conflicting problems between both players, mods and admins to keep the peace and not to mention great every player, respect them and talk with them to make them feel safe and happy within the game.

3. Have you ever had experience as a staff: I have had precious staff experience in a few (3) server's i will not name them because that would be classed as advertising other server's, 2 of the server's is currently still online, first 1 currently has over 300 players daily and more, the second server is fairly new and currently has 50 players, 3rd but not least the server has been cut off due to stupidity from other mods that ruined the game by dropping all rares, which resulted in a server re-do all previous players quit due to loosing their items and i do not wish to see that happen here.

4. Tell what makes this server great: what i like about this server is that, the players are friendly and helpful, the items and not to mention the great staff you have right now.

5. Are you active in the forums?: I have been active in these forums as much as possible, not to mention i am fairly new but i try my best to post on the forums

6. How long have you been playing?: I believe i have been playing for 2-3 weeks now, unfortunatly due to my time difference i havnt seen many players online, and i get a bit bored by myself, i would like to get this server built up and make it into the best RSPS out there!

7. What level are you?: Not Sure Right Now. I Dont Go On Current Lvls.

8.proof of experience as a staff(screenshot,video): Mod on Forums And ingame/

9. Any other comments?: I would like to say that, if i get accepted ill be happy and do as much as possible to turn this server into the busiest and best RSPS out there, but if i dont get accepted, ill understand but ill still try and help out, because the server i play i want it to be the best out there!

10. Would anyone recommend you for staff?: i wouldn't know if any1 would recommend me if they do SWEET AS! and if they dont well its their choice

i would like to thank every1 and any1 that reads my Admin jocolor application, THANK YOU AND HAVE FUN!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Hunter35502 Admin App.   Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:43 am

Good luck man,

maybe as proof post some pics or something, maybe of a position you've had on a server you played prior to this one?
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Hunter35502 Admin App.
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