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 I'm Back - Sorry for Abscence.

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PostSubject: I'm Back - Sorry for Abscence.   Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:58 am

Well basically guys, many of you thought, "WTF HAS SYRRIEX GONE?!"

Basically, my internet provider has been having alot of frequent disconnections due to someone trying to Log my ISP >.>

However we've switched internet now, and we're on BT fibre optic. So I should be able to get back and ready to code many things Smile

Sorry for the absence I take it has been a pain in the ass for many of you.

I hope this place hasn't died.

Also, I will be back until Sunday, then i'm on holiday for a week, then I am back for good.


- SyrrieX.
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I'm Back - Sorry for Abscence.
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