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 Nutella's Clue Scroll Guide<3

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PostSubject: Nutella's Clue Scroll Guide<3   Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:37 pm

Here are some simple guides on clue scrolls:
Clues scrolls are dropped by a number of creatures (you can check by using ::drops). To get a spade you simply type in ::clue. You find out the level of the clue scroll by clicking on it.

Level 1 Clue:

This clue is a fairly simple one. Use your spell book to tele to Falador. Go directly north until you reach a statue and accouple of benchs then head right of the statue and go to a grass patch curving out on the cobbled path with a fence going across above it. Step on to the grass then dig and recieve your casket of goodies.

Level 2 Clue:

Yet another simple one, probably easier then the last. huh silly levels. First type in the command ::wc then go to the double doors which is also the only exit to the building the go to the left door if your looking in the direction of the trees. Then dig and enjoy your prize.

Level 3 Clue:

A little more harder to direct you guys in but I think I can do it. First tele ::home and go to the fountain in the middle of varrock then talk to a man named Imago and tell him to tele you. Once your in a cavern with a ridiculous amount of creatures head north down the narrow ally until you see a whitish statue of guthix laying in the middle of the large circular area of the cavern.Then stand in front of the statue and start digging!

Level 4 Clue:

First tele to ::summon then climb up the ladder. Once in a bank head southeast until you see a tree and if what I remember a smith shop in the corner of a large fortress wall. head under the tree behind the smith shop and dig.

Level 5 Clue:

Tele to ::home and head for the varrock castle which should be north of the fountain in the middle. Once your in the castle go to the center where you see a very large tree. Go infront of the tree and begin to dig.

Level 6 Clue:

This clue is very hard to point in the correct direction.!PK WARNING!. First tele to ::clanwars then head directly west past the graveyard continue heading west AND ONLY WEST until you run it another small village with a small red diamond quest in the middle. Ignore the village and continue west until you hit a castle with a moat and some spikes around it, head inside the castle then go into the middle square area and look for the crate with somewhat metal edges. Then stand in front of this crate and dig.

Level 7 Clue:

One of the funnest in my opinion. First read the clue(s) then you will be teled to a small house. Head up the ladder then a lockpick will be placed in your inventory, head back down the ladder then unlock the door. After the door spazz you to the next house go up another ladder. Then look at the crushed parts of the wall next to the ladder and click the parts. You will spazz back down the stairs then just exit the building. Once outside click on the open chest left of the buildings next to your recent exit then you will aquire a treasure map and a spade. Then here comes the tricky part. Put the back of your character on the buildings you just exit then look on the far left row of houses and you will see a destoryed home as the first one. Go to the home then go to the corner nearist to the chair and dig to get a jackpot prize which is about 4-5 items.
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PostSubject: Re: Nutella's Clue Scroll Guide<3   Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:44 pm

This is very helpful for new players.
Nice work

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PostSubject: Re: Nutella's Clue Scroll Guide<3   Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:44 pm

Thanks, This Will Help So Much. It helped Me. I Didn't know about those Commands. =) thanks again
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PostSubject: Re: Nutella's Clue Scroll Guide<3   

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Nutella's Clue Scroll Guide<3
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